refusal to pay

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Early known as one of the ablest English thinkers and philosophers, he was already opposing certain doctrines and practices of the Church when he was led to become a chief spokesman for King Edward and the nation in their refusal to pay the tribute which King John, a century and a half before, had promised to the Papacy and which was now actually demanded.
Swift signaled earlier in the day that Apple's refusal to pay royalties during the initial period meant she would hold back her latest album, "1989," from availability on Apple Music.
Custodial sentences would only be imposed by the court in rare cases for an offender's persistent refusal to pay fines imposed by the court.
Nothing has been changed in Peshawar Police, Salman Khan, alleged that despite having all the legal documents of driving, a traffic police warden demanded bribe near Board Bazaar from him and upon refusal to pay bribe, the traffic warden challaned him.
e refusal to pay their own workforce a living wage when 60 per cent of other councils have.
Summary: Civil servants are protesting Palestinian unity government's refusal to pay military and security employees of Islamist movement Hamas.
I have written before about Rev Nicolson's refusal to pay council tax on the grounds that poor families are no longer exempt from paying it.
The organization also provided assistance to a government compensation agency in legal battles over the agency's refusal to pay compensation to workers, it added.
He said in a statement to the National Iraqi News / Nina /: "The issue of the federal government's refusal to pay the salaries of the Peshmerga forces related to the politicization of the security and defense system.
The UGTT expressed understanding towards the citizens who, during the protest movements organised in several regions of the country, voiced their refusal to pay taxation.
RAWALPINDI -- A 27 year old samosa vendor was shot dead in the area of Waris Khan upon refusal to pay extortion money.
A CYCLIST has been driven potty by an eight-month battle with Coventry City Council over its refusal to pay for damage caused to his bike.