refusal to pay

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Early known as one of the ablest English thinkers and philosophers, he was already opposing certain doctrines and practices of the Church when he was led to become a chief spokesman for King Edward and the nation in their refusal to pay the tribute which King John, a century and a half before, had promised to the Papacy and which was now actually demanded.
The cardinal's refusal to pay the pension was known about the town in half an hour and he was abused with wit and vehemence.
She said the respondents' refusal to pay the long overdue deficiency taxes constitute wilful failure to pay taxes due the government.
According to Balochistan Levies, the armed persons kidnapped the labourers on refusal to pay extortion money.
But the department's refusal to pay out has been repeatedly challenged by Moray Council officials who have helped overturn a significant number of decisions, levering about PS930,000 for claimants from rejected applications.
Many suppliers have shunned tenders with the county government because of nonpayment and sometimes refusal to pay even for completed projects and delivered supplies.
The invaders, including vigilante members, allegedly stormed the farms at about 5:00 a.m on Friday and ordered the farmers to vacate their fish farms over refusal to pay a newly introduced N20,000.00 annual levy imposed on each of the over 50 farmers by the Executive Chairman/Umu-Amua of Jeddo Community, Comrade Solomon Bayagbon.
"That would entail a mass refusal to pay off mortgages and student loans," she added.
As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the suit is the aftermath of Smollett's refusal to pay back the USD 130,000 that the policemen had spent on overtime.
She is the third person in recent months to face the courts over a refusal to pay PS154.50 a year for a TV licence as part of a campaign by Welsh language group Cymdeithas Yr Iaith to devolve broadcasting powers from the UK Government in Westminster to the Welsh Government in Cardiff.
EMILIANO SALA'S mother has insisted she wants "justice" for her late son as she claimed Cardiff's refusal to pay his transfer fee is a lack of respect.
They said that target killing on refusal to pay extortion money was on the rise in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa once again.