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'One of such plans is ensuring that there is a mobile court to penalise those who refuse to dispose their garbage on a regular basis,' he said.
The statement also drew attention to refuse heaps around town and said it is as a result of illegal dumping of waste by residents and despite warnings and detrimental effects, these illegal refuse heaps poses health hazards to the community.
'On my assumption as DCE, I visited all the communities in the district and had fruitful discussions with chiefs and other opinion leaders on matters that required urgent attention,' he said, and added that, 'the at Jamdede community, the chiefs and people made it clear that the inconvenience the refuse dump was creating was so much that it required instant attention.'
"A retail tire shop may not refuse to sell a tire because the owner does not want to sell tires to same sex couples," Lampe wrote.
Why don't they do the same with those now in charge of the refuse collections?
Successful people refuse to whine when things don't go their way.
But on that date, the council collected Mrs Fox's recycling - but failed to empty her normal refuse bin.
If the court has already made a verdict against a person, he can no longer refuse
Midland Trail Energy, an affiliate of Patriot Coal Corp., commissioned its Blue Creek Operation in September 2009 with permits that allowed the placement of fine coal refuse in a slurry cell area.
REFUSE TO BEND, sire of next month's Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe favourite Sarafina, has been transferred from Whitsbury Manor Stud in Hampshire to the Haras du Logis in Normandy for next year's breeding season.
The council recently changed the refuse routes and the results are that an arrangement we've had for years to collect from the side of the house is being ignored and our refuse sacks are being left.
Only 76 out of Bulgaria's 191 municipal refuse sites met the July 16 deadline set by the European Commission for complying with its environmental standards, outgoing Deputy Environment Minister Chavdar Georgiev was quoted as saying by Dnevnik daily.