refuse approval

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Last Thursday, the city's Planning Commission voted by a surprising 9-0 to refuse approval for the mosque.
Indeed one councillor even said that they had heard nothing that would provide them with a valid reason to refuse approval on "planning grounds".
AIBA have taken the decision to refuse approval for her accreditation due to her previous involvement at the 2013 Unified Kickboxing World Championships which makes her ineligible to compete.
They recommend that city councillors next week refuse approval for the scheme on the site of the R & J Ince Building on Ford Street.
school board to refuse approval for three books presenting positive images of same-sex families for use in junior kindergarten and Grade 1.
It may approve the proposed labeling, approve modified labeling, send the sponsor back to conduct additional special, or even pivotal trials, or may refuse approval outright (though, usually it will warn the sponsor if that is likely, giving them an opportunity to withdraw the NDA).
Now members of the council's planning committee have agreed to refuse approval, arguing it would be obtrusive.
Broadest of all, the AG can refuse approval if the "transaction is not in the public interest.
A decision by the US Congress to refuse approval for USD77m in emergency funding for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will apparently result in fewer safety inspections being conducted during 2000.
They also urged judges to dismiss cases that have no legal merit and to refuse approval for settlements that lack worthwhile outcomes.
They also urged that judges dismiss cases that have no legal merits and refuse approval for settlements that lack worthwhile outcomes.