refuse assent

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From time to time, calls are made for the Governor General to refuse assent to some legislation that particular members of the public find objectionable.
Heard does entertain the possibility of exceptional circumstances under which governors may refuse assent on their own initiative, as do several British scholars.
It is thought up to 10% of families of potential donors, who are on the organ donor register, refuse assent to donation.
The Queensland Government was concerned that once State Governors were made subordinate to the Governor-General, Commonwealth Ministers could exercise powers over the States, such as advising the Governor-General to instruct a State Governor to refuse assent to a State law or to dismiss a State Government.
As Ken Munro has noted, "The innocent comment soon became blown out of all proportion with some mischievous individuals in the press suggesting that the Lieutenant Governor was going to refuse assent if "Bill 11" passed through the Legislative process.