refuse bail

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Mr Sauven added: "The decision of the court to refuse bail looks increasingly like the Russian authorities are meting out unnecessarily harsh punishment even before any trial.
Summary: Scotland Yard recommended that courts refuse bail to those charged during the riots, regardless of the offence, it has been reported.
Scotland Yard recommended that courts refuse bail to those charged during the London riots, according to a leaked document entitled "Operation Withern: prisoner processing strategy", which was given to officers investigating the disturbances.
Judge Deeny said: "The Crown say there is a real risk of re-offending and I also take into account that he may well be under threat if released so I refuse bail.
Announcing the "zero tolerance" move, Supt Peter Monroe said: "If anyone is arrested during the next couple of weeks in the run up to the festivities, wherever possible we will refuse bail and make them stay in prison.
My concern is that the police are encouraging the courts to refuse bail on too many occasions.
Officers will refuse bail for criminals charged with burglary, vehicle crime and robbery and make them spend time in prison.
Both sides in the row, over whether judges should be given more power to refuse bail, were last night desperately trying to whip up interest.
I cannot but recognise the real risk she would further enga__ with the organisation and therefore I refuse bail.
Home Secretary David Blunkett will order courts to refuse bail to those who break its conditions.
A "yes" vote would give judges discretion to refuse bail if they believed a defendant would re-offend while out of bail.
On November 28, voters must decide on whether to empower judges to refuse bail when they suspect defendants will commit more crime if released.