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Ffynnongroyw councillor Glyn Banks wished the refuse collector a quick recovery.
Refuse collectors in Tunbridge wells, Kent, were injured when they were shot at with a ball-bearing gun.
Supply and installation of a refuse collector coupled with a loader crane on a truck chassis with a GVW of 26 tonnes of Scania brand, for the collection of household refuse stored in airplane container, semi-underground, buried.
Last month Mrs Bell, who was educated at Merchant Taylors' Girls School in Crosby, and Liverpool University, grounded 51 vehicles of Liverpool's refuse collector Onyx for a week after inspections showed they were more than 500kg overloaded.
The refuse collector still cannot see what is inside so he won't take them.
Contract notice: Acquisition of a refuse collector chassis 16 m3 19 tons.
Contract notice: Supply and delivery of a heavy vehicle equipped with a refuse collector (bom) auxiliary crane.
A care worker, for example, wanted the gardener's 40pc bonus and the attendance allowance paid to the refuse collector added to her salary.
Refuse collector Norman Skinner is looking forward to lots of time with his grandchildren ( and on the golf course
But it was not until a refuse collector was about to load the bin on to the lifting mechanism at the back of his lorry that the youth sprung open the lid of the three-quarters-full vessel and climbed out.
Total quantity or scope: Lot 1 1 chassis cab, 19 tonnes GVW, 4x2, short cab, already equipped to receive a refuse collector with a capacity of between 14 and 16 m3.
MRS B Werner (Letters, Nov 20) is completely wrong with her criticism of the refuse collector who refused to empty her recycling bin.