refuse consent

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This has raised the potential for the Assembly and the Scottish Parliament to refuse consent for the EU Withdrawal Bill, which could be hugely embarrassing for the UK Government as it seeks to negotiate the country's departure from the union.
The Assembly does not have a formal veto but the UK Government wants to avoid the situation where AMs vote to refuse consent to the landmark legislation to take Britain out of the EU.
Both Scottish and Welsh governments continue to refuse consent for the Bill unless Westminster surrenders on a so-called "power grab" of EU responsibilities and devolves them directly to Edinburgh and Cardiff.
And there is a particular need to encourage more black and Asian families to talk about it because in 2015/16, only 5% of all deceased donors came from ethnic minorities, and these communities are more likely to refuse consent.
Its implementation period is one year, renewable once, in accordance with Article 16 of no2016-360 Decree of 25 March 2016, the extension provided in the market is tacit and the holder may refuse consent .
11/2/2015, Kiwis Against Seabed Mining -- The decision by New Zealand's EPA to refuse consent for a bid to mine phosphate from the Chatham Rise's deep sea-bed is wise, and a victory for good science, said environmental groups opposing the scheme.
If proposed development for shale oil or gas would lead to substantial harm or to loss of a World Heritage Site, planners should refuse consent "unless wholly exceptional circumstances apply", the guidance says.
This was held after campaigners lodged an appeal against Stockton Council's decision to refuse consent for the 750-place school and 350 homes proposed for a site which is at Low Lane, High Leven.
Commenting on the decision to refuse consent for the underground gas storage facility at Preesall, Keith Budinger, chief executive of Halite Energy, said: "We have now had time to consider the decision made by the Secretary of State to refuse consent for our plans to develop underground gas storage at Preesall, Lancashire.
We therefore urge the council to refuse consent for these proposals as presented and reconsider how the building can be incorporated into alternative proposals for this road junction and adjacent sites.
There is in fact a wide spectrum of possibilities as to what precisely is the effect of this common law presumption of competence to give or refuse consent.
We've asked them to refuse consent for any further development until a formal Neighbourhood Development Plan has been created in partnership with the community, which takes into account the wishes of the local residents.