refuse to admit

References in classic literature ?
No, sir," said Albert, coldly; "there are circumstances in which one cannot, except through cowardice, -- I offer you that refuge, -- refuse to admit certain persons at least.
For some time she did not refuse to admit me, neither did she decide in my favour, and I continued to linger about her, and to impress her in all the ways I could with my worthiness.
Having carried my point (which I did the more easily, in consequence of the facilities offered by private Asylums), I could not refuse to admit that there were certain advantages gained by shutting her up.
He (the Count), however, could not conscientiously refuse to admit the ingenuity, magnificence, and superiority of the Fountain at the Bowling Green, as described by the Doctor.
The hospital responded by claiming that it did not refuse to admit the patient who visited the facility earlier this month, but instead delayed the surgery since the patient was not deemed to be in urgent need of the operation.
Meanwhile, Dan and Kerry have both clearly missed each other while Kerry's been away, but they refuse to admit it.
They refuse to admit a country if it has territorial disputes," Grinyaev said.
It has often been found private hospitals and nursing homes refuse to admit such patients and insist on a police report.
A THIS car is clearly "not fit for purpose", but if you hand it back now Vauxhall may refuse to admit there's a problem.
However, if a patient is in danger of hurting themselves or others yet refuse to admit themselves, they have to be sectioned.
ALMOST half of all overweight Irishmen refuse to admit they have a problem, a survey revealed yesterday.
It is a step forward, but they still refuse to admit that we were tortured, despite evidence from experts saying we were.