refuse to agree

See: disagree
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In the event that Hamburg-Sued's shareholders refuse to agree to such a plan, Kuehne would seek to list Hapag-Lloyd, the businessman added.
The agreement is very modest in light of the other municipal unions that still refuse to agree to City Manager Michael V.
However if the employees refuse to agree and insist the notice stands you should formally offer them their old jobs back and inform them you will dispute their entitlement to a statutory redundancy pay should they refuse to accept.
It also said it would refuse to agree to any IVA where the fees payable exceed more than 15 per cent of the debt being repaid by the lender.
Diet affairs chiefs of the upper and lower houses of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party agreed at a meeting Monday to continue parliamentary deliberations on the extra budget even if the four opposition parties refuse to agree to the ruling camp's final call for their return.
The ILWU declared that it would also refuse to agree to daily extensions of the current contract, thereby creating the opportunity to stage work slowdowns that could damage the U.
PASSENGERS on Merseyside are losing out because private bus operators refuse to agree routes and times with the train company, MPs were told.
The call-up could rule him out of tomorrow's Champions' League game against Lazio and Saturday's Premiership clash with Southampton if Nigeria refuse to agree a compromise.
The Court ruled in favor of the J-Block co-venturers in that case May 8, affirming that Enron cannot refuse to agree to a commissioning date for commencement of J-Block gas deliveries simply because of a fall in gas prices.
Many people carry donor cards but up to a third of potential transplant organs are lost because relatives refuse to agree to the procedure.