refuse to allow

References in classic literature ?
We say: "I desire to be kind to my friends, honourable in business, philanthropic towards the poor, public-spirited in politics." So long as we refuse to allow ourselves, even in the watches of the night, to avow any contrary desires, we may be bullies at home, shady in the City, skinflints in paying wages and profiteers in dealing with the public; yet, if only conscious motives are to count in moral valuation, we shall remain model characters.
But I refuse to allow that dog to lord it in my nursery for an hour longer."
Under the Memorandum Circular 16-2016, a case build-up can be conducted against any person who shall refuse to allow law enforcers entry into their household.
"It is unjustifiable for MPs who object to suicide on religious grounds to refuse to allow others a way out of unendurable suffering."
The UK Government should put the brakes on this ill thought out scheme and refuse to allow Magna to tinker under the bonnet of a essential piece of the local economy.
Q Can an employer refuse to allow a worker/s permission to take leave he/she is entitled to?
There is also a need for food when the merchants finally refuse to allow da Vinci any more credit.
And while some courts have allowed policyholders to stretch the meaning of "accident," other courts enforce the plain meaning of insurance policies and refuse to allow intentional acts that cause the intended consequences to be treated as accidents.
Sir John told the police chief he had been wrong to refuse to allow the Independent Police Complaints Commission into the London station.
Bush, he said, should simply refuse to allow the marshals to intervene.
Harry, her overly protective five older brothers, and her dad refuse to allow her to be killer bait; then again they want her to play touch football at family gatherings, but Kat prefers tackle.
A US judge has ruled that Northwest Airlines may refuse to allow flight attendants to observe bargaining sessions over new contract terms.