refuse to believe

References in classic literature ?
If the Trial tell me it can't be done, I refuse to believe the Trial.
There are certain animals to which tenacity of position is a law of life,--they can never flourish again, after a single wrench: and there are certain human beings to whom predominance is a law of life,--they can only sustain humiliation so long as they can refuse to believe in it, and, in their own conception, predominate still.
Listen," said the abbe, extending his hand over the wounded man, as if to command him to believe; "this is what the God in whom, on your death-bed, you refuse to believe, has done for you -- he gave you health, strength, regular employment, even friends -- a life, in fact, which a man might enjoy with a calm conscience.
You refuse to believe it--and I am about to put it to the proof.
As the manager of an English theatre, you will naturally refuse to believe this.
At first people refuse to believe that a strange new thing can be done, then they begin to hope it can be done, then they see it can be done--then it is done and all the world wonders why it was not done centuries ago.
And let us equally refuse to believe, or allow to be repeated, the tale of Theseus son of Poseidon, or of Peirithous son of Zeus, going forth as they did to perpetrate a horrid rape; or of any other hero or son of a god daring to do such impious and dreadful things as they falsely ascribe to them in our day: and let us further compel the poets to declare either that these acts were not done by them, or that they were not the sons of gods;-- both in the same breath they shall not be permitted to affirm.
The Tories are so convinced their squeeze on the poor and disadvantaged is right, they refuse to believe it is having the effect which all the evidence points to.
To those who would question the national movement for health equity, I say I refuse to believe that residential segregation is a given.
However, the authorities refuse to believe that a youngster from such a background could succeed without cheating, and interrogate him in search for an explanation.
I refuse to believe a splurge in Stead & Simpson could be more memorable than those first butterflies in the stomach and first case of winch-rash that required a lot of explanation to my granny.
LOOK, I know it's raining and the kids are back at school but I absolutely refuse to believe it's autumn just yet.