refuse to conform

See: cross, rebel
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Industries are continuously discharging untreated effluent and appear to refuse to conform to the Sindh Environmental Protection Act,' Asad Chandna quoted from the report submitted with the Supreme Court.
Finally, we would refuse to conform to the sad fact that the shows thrive on supposed friends talking about each other behind their backs.
They still refuse to conform to the motion of private prosecutors seeking transfer of detention to a BJMP facility," Bayan Secretary General Renato Reyes said.
Fourth, we proclaim our trust in Jesus when we refuse to conform to the world's rules, to play the usual games of getting ahead at the expense of others, putting others down rather than building them up, bending or ignoring the rules whenever we think no one else might notice, criticizing God for not creating a better world, and generally behaving as if we are god and God is either irrelevant or non-existent.
Football players should not be forced to play under the threat of being labelled a spoil-sport if they refuse to conform to someone else's or groups (non-football) agenda.
You had better be, because if are not ready, or if you refuse to conform yourself to this reality, you are heading for trouble.
This tableau is posited against a centrally positioned stream of irregular forms, stripes, and cross-hatches that while retaining some similarity to the background, refuse to conform to its regulating geometries.
IT is not the dogs that are to blame for mess, but a small percentage of people who refuse to conform to a civilised society.
Workers expect their employer to foot the bandwidth costs for their personal devices, enabling them to do online banking, or access Facebook, for example, but flatly refuse to conform to their work security measures.
Under extremely difficult conditions, the Giay Vun ("Scrap Paper") Publishing House has initiated a new movement of free thinkers, free writers, free artists who refuse to conform to the state rules of creation," Smith-Simonsen said.
It is little wonder that such children refuse to conform to school norms.