refuse to consent

See: disaccord
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However, the question arises whether a child may refuse to consent to life-saving medical treatment without such consent or assistance.
Should your lender refuse to consent to your letting the property then, sadly, it looks as if you will have no alternative than to sell up.
One of the first legal issues that arose in response to the prolific use of life-sustaining treatment was whether a patient, or a representative of the patient, (8) could refuse to consent to such treatment or have such treatment withdrawn.
Refuse to consent to injustice; otherwise you are one of the spectators of the mob-justice scene in Sialkot.
The panel declined to address whether a mother should be able to refuse to consent to a cesarean section.
Refusing to give an officer permission won't always prevent a search, but if you steadfastly refuse to consent you'll be in a far better position to fight any charges in court if alleged contraband is found.
a patient might refuse to consent to the disclosure of information that would benefit others, for example, where family relationships have broken down, or if their natural children have been adopted.
Finally, while the revocation of consent to search may generally not be used to establish reasonable suspicion or probable cause, such a revocation can be used to demonstrate that an individual understood that he had the right to refuse to consent to a search by police.
They found that almost one in five - 18pc - said they would refuse to consent to any of their tissue, such as from the brain, lungs, bone and heart, being used for medical research.
The team quizzed 100 people at a dental practice in the North East and found that almost 18% said they would refuse to consent.
Lady Cosgrove, the only woman judge on the appeal panel, said: "The rights of modern women include the right to refuse to consent to sexual intercourse, at any time and for any reason.
She added: "The rights of modern women include the right to refuse to consent to sexual intercourse, at any time, and for any reason.