refuse to consent

See: disaccord
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Whitehall has so far failed to win the support of the Welsh and Scottish Governments for its landmark Brexit legislation - raising the prospect that AMs and MSPs could refuse to consent to the EU Withdrawal Bill.
A majority of Assembly Members could refuse to consent to the EU Withdrawal Bill unless changes are made.
'This will not be possible if parents refuse to consent to vaccination for their children because of fear,' the group said.
There are various ways that the Senate may refuse to consent, including inaction on a nomination, which is what should occur in this case.
Conversely, an adolescent also can refuse to consent to an abortion that the parent requests.
However, the question arises whether a child may refuse to consent to life-saving medical treatment without such consent or assistance.
One of the first legal issues that arose in response to the prolific use of life-sustaining treatment was whether a patient, or a representative of the patient, (8) could refuse to consent to such treatment or have such treatment withdrawn.
Refusing to give an officer permission won't always prevent a search, but if you steadfastly refuse to consent you'll be in a far better position to fight any charges in court if alleged contraband is found.
The team quizzed 100 people at a dental practice in the North East and found that almost 18% said they would refuse to consent. The study is published in today's Journal of Clinical Pathology.
They found that almost one in five - 18pc - said they would refuse to consent to any of their tissue, such as from the brain, lungs, bone and heart, being used for medical research.
The court rejected Cesar's argument that the fact that this was Karen's first arrest should be given weight, noting that the form's language stating that she could refuse to consent and that any evidence discovered could be used against her put her on par with an experienced arrestee in terms of what she needed to know.
Lady Cosgrove, the only woman judge on the appeal panel, said: "The rights of modern women include the right to refuse to consent to sexual intercourse, at any time and for any reason."