refuse to credit

See: disbelieve
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You shall know the name of the person described -- which I have left a blank -- as soon as the evidence of your own eyes has forced you to believe what you would refuse to credit on the unsupported testimony of Virginie Lecount."
THE major landmark of Real Madrid's Champions League semi-final victory over Manchester City was not Gareth Bale's winner (we refuse to credit Fernando with an own goal, as Uefa did) - no, it was the fact that Los Blancos manager Zinedine Zidane managed to get through a match without splitting his strides.
The authors also skewer those who refuse to credit the "surge" for the reduction of violence in Iraq and President Bush for leadership in the face of great opposition.
Home and Away LEAH'S plans to go abroad on the proceeds from selling her family's cookie recipe have to be shelved when the company refuse to credit her family on the packets.
Showing a shaft of humour many refuse to credit him with, he joked:
Notwithstanding any approval of a transaction which may be given by or on behalf of the issuer of a Credit Card, [the issuer bank] may refuse to credit the account of the Merchant with or may charge back to the Merchant the total amount of any sales draft in any of the following circumstances:
I refuse to credit this survey which says that a majority of women want to go to bed with Cliff Richard.
Certain banks refuse to credit monies to an account unless the incoming wire correctly shows both the name of the account and the account number.