refuse to honor

See: dishonor
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These investments are threatened by Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla's recent statements that he would refuse to honor Puerto Rico's debts.
Governor Garcia Padilla's recent statements that his government would refuse to honor its debts, including Puerto Rico's own constitutional debt, are reckless, and are a serious threat to thousands of our members who hold investments in Puerto Rico bonds," said Kandrach.
Under the regulation, an HHS-funded employee could refuse on religious grounds to provide or fill psychiatric, HIV, birth control, methadone and sleeping-aid prescriptions or refuse to honor a patient's end-of-life decree that rejects life-prolonging treatment.
Under the bill, states would be free to legalize gay marriages within their own boundaries, but other states would have authority to refuse to honor them.
Almost all entities recognize a trustee's ability to act, while banks, insurance companies and government agencies often refuse to honor a power of attorney.
In 1990, the then-ruling military regime permitted democratic elections to take place, only to refuse to honor the results when the National League for Democracy (NLD) won over 80 percent of the seats in parliament.
Does nothing to protect Idahoans' legal end-of-life wishes expressed in their advance medical directives, still allowing all health care professionals in Idaho to refuse to honor the legal documents.
In a so-called attempt to fix Idaho's new "conscience" law, which allows all health care professionals to refuse to honor advance medical directives, members of the House State Affairs Committee voted forward a bill that may only make matters worse.
The Constitution grants their only authority, and they refuse to honor it.
If there is a good reason to refuse to honor a public figure, it should be for his or her pro-abortion ideals.
According to the law, an employer cannot refuse to honor documents which on their face appear to be genuine.