refuse to include

See: exclude
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Hobby Lobby ruling, issued in 2014, permits certain for-profit businesses to refuse to include contraceptives in employee healthcare plans if employers disagree with it on religious grounds.
negotiators to refuse to include the bloc's GIs in a deal, making it appear that GIs will prove to be one of the most contentious elements of the talks.
Now the council could refuse to include any green belt in the local plan.
EU's top counter-terrorism official, Gilles de Kerchove, recently noted that the bloc may refuse to include Hezbollah in its blacklist even if the organization was proven to be responsible for last year's terror attack in Bulgaria.
How sad many modern hymnbooks refuse to include this hymn.
would have allowed employers to refuse to include contraception in the health care coverage they provide, based on their "religious belief of moral conviction.
This minority includes those who refuse to include an option to electively terminate the pregnancy, as well as those described in the article who discourage carrying the pregnancy to its natural conclusion.
Over the next two years, the campaign aims to help young men and women to use condoms when they enter into sexual relations; to advocate that financial support by governments and foundations should be withheld from agencies working on HIV/AIDS prevention who refuse to include condom information or distribution; and to continue to press the Vatican and Catholic bishops to overturn the ban on condom use.
The manufacturers refuse to include these cleaner engines on all new snowmobile models, and are now suing to further weaken EPA's meager national standards," said Earthjustice.
Many landlords will, of course, refuse to include all of the provisions and clauses discussed here.
And those who do still use the harbour as a subject for their seascapes refuse to include the wall - it is made of metal steel piles painted black - on their canvases.