refuse to permit

See: deny, forbid
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Those who refuse to permit staff to wear tiny crosses appear officious meddlers.
Planners recommended the scheme's approval before the original application was withdrawn, saying noise impact on houses would be "transitory at worst" and it would be "unreasonable to refuse to permit this proposal".
The play "Slice of Reality" portrays stories of women who do not have the right to make decisions about their own bodies, including those who are preyed upon by abusive men, teenage victims of incestuous relationships and women whose husbands refuse to permit them access to birth control methods.
Institutions that refuse to permit the killing of their patients should be applauded for their stand.
A white man who would never shake hands with a black man would refuse to permit anyone but a black man to shave his face, cut his hair, or give him a shampoo.
Unwilling to allow the market to correct itself, they refuse to permit any of our trading partners to suffer an economic setback, and they use U.
In addition, employers can transfer employees whom tenants, for security or other "good faith" reasons, refuse to permit in the building, even when "just cause" to terminate the employee may not exist.
Barthez had agreed loan terms with his former club Marseille only for world governing body FIFA to refuse to permit a deal which had been struck outside the transfer window.
Church leaders should refuse to permit any homosexual agenda to be included in deliberations for the foreseeable future.
It is ironic that a party who claims to champion corporate governance would refuse to permit these allegations to be addressed in the first instance by Lone Star's Board.
Almost 30 per cent of relatives refuse to permit organ donation when someone close to them dies and only four per cent of people regularly carry organ donor cards.
On appeal, Revocor argued that it was an error for the trial court to refuse to permit the engineer's testimony on adjustment costs.