refuse to ratify

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WALES may refuse to ratify key Brexit legislation if the Welsh Government is excluded from trade talks with the EU, Labour has warned.
Threats that the Scottish Parliament could refuse to ratify the Brexit agreements hav also been dismissed by the Westminster Government.
He said in a press statement that "the President will either approve the provisions of the execution of the judgment or refuse to ratify it to be clear to the Iraqi people.
The BOA could refuse to ratify Muhammad's nomination, and therefore effectively tell GB Taekwondo to reconsider, while the process itself could also be open to an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.
The member states could ask for other changes' and 'many member states would simply refuse to ratify it'.
AaAa The CTBT is ratified by 149 countries but still depends on the stances of some countries which delay or refuse to ratify it namely the US, China, Egypt, Iran, Israel and Indonesia.
Bruton said there were many "doubters" out there because of the negative experience with the Kyoto Protocol, which ex-US President Bill Clinton signed only to have the Senate refuse to ratify it.
Australia and the United States were the only industrialised countries to refuse to ratify the UN's Kyoto Protocol on cutting greenhouse gas emissions that scientists blame for dangerous glo-bawarming.
Jesse Helms put it, the Senate should refuse to ratify any treaty that fails to give the United States "a greater vote than anyone else.
But United have yet to make contact with West Ham - and until an agreement is reached between the two clubs the Premier League will refuse to ratify any move for Tevez.
But many governments, including the United States, refuse to ratify, implement or properly enforce these rules.
and Australia were wise to refuse to ratify the fatally flawed and potentially disastrous Kyoto Protocol climate treaty--which entered into force in February--declares the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Washington, D.