refuse to receive

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What you contemplate is, I have no doubt, very clever; yet he has charged me to represent to you that you have not the slightest chance of succeeding in your end, since not only will the Baron refuse to receive you, but also he (the Baron) has at his disposal every possible means for obviating further unpleasantness from you.
I do not know Saewulf, but still, I cannot well refuse to receive his evidence--none of us can.
Of course nobody would listen to him for a long time; he would come and tell his story one day and be refused promptly; another day he would be fed on false promises; again he would be treated harshly; then he would be told to sign some documents; then he would sign the paper and hand it in, and they would refuse to receive it, and tell him to file a formal petition.
Electronic Auction: Provision of services for the reception, registration, storage, quality confirmation, bundling, redistribution, delivery and dispensing of medicinal products to citizens residing in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra, included in the regional segment of the Federal Register and eligible for state social assistance in 2018 year (who did not refuse to receive social services in the form of providing drugs), in the treatment of which medicinal products, medical products and specialists ized therapeutic food for children with disabilities, are dispensed free of charge at the expense of funds provided from the federal budget to the budgets of subjects of the Russian Federation on the implementation of certain powers in the field of drug supply in 2018
Berlin could mount financial pressure in order to turn the heads of EU governments that refuse to receive refugees, he argued.
The ministry has called on health directors to impose restrictions on those who refuse to receive treatment, and seek the help of executive bodies and the police.
To those who have suggested that these leaflets be sent back to Downing Street with no or incorrect postage, it seems that the recipient can refuse to receive them and the Post Office then destroys them.
Machar said the main obstacle now is the government in Juba which has continued to refuse to receive the advance team.
He said that officials open the goods for checking but not repack properly which causes heavy damage to the merchandise while traveling and foreign buyers refuse to receive such consignments.
The Rt Rev Libby Lane's consecration at Chester Cathedral as Bishop of Stockport in January was marked by an objection during the liturgy from a lone traditionalist priest - and some people refuse to receive Communion from her.
The DAR publishes NOCs in a general circulation newspaper when the landowners refuse to receive the NOCs personally delivered to them; when the NOC was received by persons other than the landowners; or if the address is unknown or vague.
In response, Kupferberg had the residents sign a document in which they collectively announce that they refuse to receive the mailing.