refuse to sanction

References in classic literature ?
'We refuse to sanction these indentures,' said the old gentleman:
JURGEN KLOPP will refuse to sanction any deal allowing Phillippe Coutinho to replace Neymar at Barcelona.
The transfer comes a year after the Uruguay striker tried to force through a move to Arsenal, only for Liverpool to stand firm and refuse to sanction a deal and the forward later signed a new four-and-a-half-year contract at Anfield.
First the WRU issued a hard-line statement where they declared they would refuse to sanction any involvement in the new Rugby Champions Cup for the Ospreys, Blues, Scarlets and Dragons.
A spokesman said the party would refuse to sanction cuts at the next review expected in 2014, unless the wealth tax was adopted.
They also refuse to sanction any other conditional bids, including a guarantee of Super League rugby next season.
If the FA dig their heels in and refuse to sanction Chester's membership, the home friendly match against a Liverpool XI on Tuesday at the Deva Stadium and the money-spinning home game against Premier League newcomers Burnley next week, will have to be cancelled.
Fortunately, countries like China refuse to sanction us, otherwise we would have been finished."
I was horrified to read recently that David Cameron, if he became Prime Minister, would refuse to sanction new grammar schools.
In what Robertson portrayed as a direct quote, God reportedly said, "I will remove judges from the Supreme Court quickly and their successors will refuse to sanction the attacks on religious faith."
The SFA could, of course, refuse to sanction future involvement from Ashley but they would then run the risk of, effectively, killing off the club.
And the FAI refuse to sanction the signing as they deem Carey a new player.