refuse to tolerate

See: persecute
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One of your greatest responsibilities as a leader is to reward the right behaviors and refuse to tolerate the wrong behaviors.
Shouldn't hygiene be ingrained in every one of us until a glimpse of all the rubbish on the streets and thrown next to bins offends us so much that we refuse to tolerate the situation?
Now that AU's lawyers have won the right to intervene in the case, they are gearing up to represent others whose rights are at risk because religious non-profit institutions - many of which receive millions in taxpayer support and hire people from a variety of religious and philosophical backgrounds - refuse to tolerate the use of contraceptives by their employees.
Other countries refuse to tolerate FGM and as a result it's decreasing.
We must refuse to tolerate hate crime and incidents in order to help remove the problem.
To refuse to tolerate people for who they are and how they are made is contrary to the values of a civilised society (and churches themselves need to take this on in formulating their own policies).
Together we refuse to tolerate this type of behaviour at football fixtures.
The best thing you can do is refuse to tolerate repeated instances of insensitive, selfish and/or cruel behavior.
I refuse to tolerate that, either from Germany or from abroad.
reports nearly nine in ten adults (87 percent) still refuse to tolerate pests in their homes.
It's ambitious, but refreshing at last to hear those in authority refuse to tolerate any longer the North-East being the shameful possessor of the worst public health record in England.
It's time to hit back and refuse to tolerate their attitude.