refuse to trust

See: doubt
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'Do you refuse to trust me, sir?' 'I have no information to give you, madam.' She waved her skinny old hand in the direction of the door.
These are not technical economic requirements, but political judgements that the European Union (EU) leaders refuse to trust Greece with and are making it humiliatingly clear.
"The problem is even if we explain to people, who are misinformed and uneducated, they refuse to trust us.
They go to the film, eat a butty while it's on, drop ketchup on their companion's shoes, then refuse to trust him because his shoes are stained.
"United Russia did not do too well in a series of regions, but not because people refuse to trust the party itself ...
Our culture is so obsessed with pragmatism, knowing how something works, that if we can't see and understand something (in this case, pacifism), we refuse to trust it or accept it.
Sensing this, the police officer in turn might refuse to trust or confide in the counselor, thus defeating any chance for effective therapy to occur.