refuse to yield

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terrorize companies and businesses that refuse to yield to their terrorist activities.
We must refuse to yield in the fight against the Trump Administrations dangerous and backwards environmental policy.
Let us all as true Pakistanis refuse to yield before a handful of elements that disrupt our peace, harass our people and try to impose their agendas through use of force.
The university will categorically refuse to yield any space to unruly elements, which comprise a very limited number of students, to undermine the reputation of higher education in Jordan regardless of the pressures to reinstate them," added Zaboun.
While Democrats are right to refuse to yield to GOP debt-ceiling blackmail, they should commit to meaningful negotiations with Republicans about deeper changes to the existing Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security programs.
He said the US was trying hard for Afridi's release and handing over to the US, However, he said, the government should show courage and refuse to yield to the US pressure and try the traitor.
NATHANIEL would simply not refuse to yield in an outstanding renewal of the Coral-Eclipse at Sandown on Saturday.
If, after the no-confidence vote, the generals refuse to yield to the will of parliament a confrontation is expected that could even complicate negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, IMF, over a $3.
Clinton's urging leaders to abandon Gaddafi fit into her larger message of criticizing the autocrats that refuse to yield power across the continent.
Camels refuse to yield milk when confronted with bright colours
gt; 2 : to refuse to yield or agree <The soldiers held out until help arrived.
Religious leaders who mounted an unsuccessful bid to resurrect progressive values in the 2004 elections say they refuse to yield the "moral high ground" to conservative Christians who helped President Bush win a second term.