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The Refusers are a high-energy rock band that performs rousing protest songs tinged with humor, satire and biting lyrics.
Vaccine refusers are not just endangering their own kids.
Chapters address the purposes of cross and building a case theory; concession-seeking cross; witness impeachment; the cross-examiner's character and conduct in trial; controlling the unruly witness; witness preparation; expert witnesses; problems presented by adverse witnesses, deponents, forgetters, and interview refusers, among others; the ethical and legal bounds of cross; and how to avoid and meet objections to cross-examination questions.
The Central Election Commission has asked the Parliament to provide explanations concerning registration of new parliamentary candidates next on the list instead of refusers, MP Tashiev said at the plenary session on Thursday.
Other groups in the strategy include young parents and pregnant young women, young offenders, young carers, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pupils, and school refusers.
Vaccine refusers had a 23-fold increased risk for pertussis when compared with vaccinated children, and 11% of pertussis cases in the entire study population were attributed to vaccine refusal.
They also visited Bryn Tirion, Shotton, where they met pupils aged 11 to 16 who have been excluded from school and are being supported by the unit to establish good patterns of behaviour, as well as The Learning Centre in Shotton where they heard from young people often described as school refusers being supported to get back into education.