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presidential hopefuls on their stand with regard to vaccine refusers.
Children were considered refusers if their medical charts documented a parental refusal of one or more pertussis immunizations for nonmedical reasons.
It's difficult to say just how many men and women have become refusers.
Many refusers have taken action outside the organized campaign and without the help of groups such as Yesh Gvul.
Regarding the standardized patients who graded pediatricians on their care, I applaud the physicians who didn't dismiss them because they declined the required/ recommended immunizations, but that wouldn't have been me ("Communication With Vaccine Refusers Could Use Some Work," Jan.
Nicola Skoyles, from Wallsend, turned her life around after a talk to school refusers at Tyne Metropolitan College in North Tyneside.
Boys may be encouraged to know that when they grow up, they'll have a big penis like Daddy's, and that no one can take it away These children may also need to follow the treatment plan for refusers.