refusing to admit

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References in classic literature ?
You must not blame her for refusing to admit you into her confidence after your marriage: it was then too late.
There are some who are satisfied to go on, year after year, refusing to admit the truth.
Judge Chacha Mwita gave the orders in a petition where the girl's father John Mwendwa sued the school for refusing to admit her dreadlocked daughter unless she shaved.
5, 2011 and written by Mark Maruenas with the title "Trillanes avails amnesty, admits 'breaking rules'," the DOJ said Trillanes was quoted as refusing to admit his guilt when he said: "I would like to qualify that we did not admit to the charge of 'coup d'etat' or anything na finile sa amin because we believe hindi iyon and nararapat na charge na ginawa sa amin."
Refusing to admit that the party was over, the PSP chief said his opponents do not know him and his party workers, and the election defeat has ignited a determination to work for the next election.
Ministers have previously said that school funding is at record levels, and this will increase further over the next two years as pupil numbers rise, But NAHT general secretary Russell Hobby accused the current government of "flatly refusing to admit the reality" of the pressures schools are facing.
A M AIL T ODAY investigation has revealed that several renowned hospitals are refusing to admit dengue patients.
The resumption of culling in Somerset and Gloucestershire after the failure of last year's killings is just the powerful farming lobby refusing to admit that is wrong.
FORMER Coventry Bees skipper Chris Harris is refusing to admit defeat despite Birmingham's first-leg hammering in the battle for the Elite League title.
The Reds are refusing to admit defeat in their battle to keep the prolific striker, who has his sights set on forcing through a move to Real Madrid.
He could have been released more than a decade ago but missed out on parole after refusing to admit to a killing which he always said was carried out by someone else.