refusing to obey

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But I swiftly discovered that there was all the difference in the world between shooting men who are attacking and men who are doing nothing more than simply refusing to obey.
But," objected D'Artagnan, almost on the point of refusing to obey this order, and particularly of giving unrestrained passage to the suspicions which the king's silence had aroused - "but, monsieur l'eveque, his majesty gave me a rendezvous for this morning.
The driver escaped after refusing to obey police near the Place de la Concorde, Paris police said.
The candidate, Mr Rees, is in jail for refusing to obey his National Service instruction.
Refusing to obey the act's employer sanction provisions, the priests are hiring illegal aliens without asking to see immigration papers or filling out INS forms to ensure compliance.
Shaker Al-Ghadeir, an officer in the 111th Infantry Mountain Brigade, confirmed that the two regiments who are fighting armed men in the area, alleged to be AQAP members, are still refusing to obey their commander's orders.
Chairman HEC Javed Laghari, refusing to obey this decision of caretaker government has said that this decision is unconstitutional, and this step should be reverse, such attacks on HEC would not be entertained in future.
The tussle cost prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani his job in June, when the Supreme Court convicted him of contempt for refusing to obey its orders to write to the Swiss, forcing him out of office.
A lower Kentucky court, however, held that as long as a law is equally applicable, personal religious beliefs are not a defense for refusing to obey it.
The doctor was charged with refusing to obey the Supreme Court's order to halt the strike.
The hot-headed airline chief, right, is refusing to obey European rules requiring him to pay for hotels and food for customers grounded by the ash cloud - he even branded the EU law "an ass".
Summary: The Beirut Criminal Court condemned three members of the militant group Fatah al-Islam on Thursday to six months in prison for disrespecting the court and refusing to obey its orders.