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The refutation followed the verdict of the October district court of Bishkek of 4 July 2017: "On finding the material posted on zanoza.
Proofs of prophecy and refutations of the Isma'ilis were both major genres of discourse at the time, she says.
If I may quote the American journalist Andrew Sullivan in another context: Farage is a walking refutation of his own argument.
then at Yale University, was explaining his own refutation of the encounter theory.
An Enquiry into the Nature of Liberation: Bhatta Ramakantha's Paramoksanirasakarikavrtti, a Commentary on Sadyojyotih's Refutation of Twenty Conceptions of the Liberated State (moksa).
In a statement, he said that Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chief, Imran Khan should apologize to the nation after refutation of the Chairman NADRA.
In a strongly-worded letter to Blatter and FIFA's ruling executive committee, which highlighted US lawyer Michael Garcia's vigorous refutation of the official ''summary'' of his 340-page report, Dyke urged the publication of the full report ''as a matter of some urgency''.
For every unpublished refutation of a story about the Hizmet movement GE-len's lawyers have initiated legal proceedings.
Rahi's refutation came Tuesday from Beirut Airport where he arrived back from Rome.
British professor of classical languages and literatures Walsh (1923-2013) continues his translation of and commentary on Christian apologist Augustine's (AD 354-430) refutation of the complaints of pagan antagonists.
At Charmides 163, Critias attempts to extricate himself from refutation by proposing a Prodicean distinction between praxis and poiesis.
It is not a comprehensive theological summa, although Kevin Alban argues that the book is of broader usefulness than merely a refutation of heresy.