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The stranger reeled and came within an ace of falling, but regained his footing right quickly.
When I had regained my feet I raised her in my arms and bore her to one of the benches at the side of the room.
Rolling from beneath the two battling lions Tarzan regained his feet, though he was half dazed and staggering from the impact of the terrible blow he had received.
When Turan the panthan regained consciousness it was to the realization of a sharp pain in one of his forearms.
At last he got hold of another kind of cabbage, but scarcely had swallowed it when he felt another change, and he once more regained his human form.
Gently he lifted his wife's still unconscious form, and bore her to the little cabin, but it was fully two hours before she regained consciousness.
The time lost could not, however, be regained. Land was not signalled until five o'clock on the morning of the 6th; the steamer was due on the 5th.
For an instant he seemed to see this unnatural contest between a dead intelligence and a breathing mechanism only as a spectator--such fancies are in dreams; then he regained his identity almost as if by a leap forward into his body, and the straining automaton had a directing will as alert and fierce as that of its hideous antagonist.
WHEN those of the royalists who had not deserted the King and fled precipitately toward the coast had regained the castle and the Priory the city was turned over to looting and rapine.
"Now," said Diksey, when they had all regained their feet, "I will show you where the dark well is.
For some time Werper could only choke and cough--at last he regained the powers of speech.
Before he had regained control of the animal the minister was at the crest of the hill a hundred yards along.