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Chiappone's attorney, Mark Schlakman of Tallahassee, notes the Parole Commission released a report last summer that indicated there was a positive correlation between ex-felons' regaining their civil rights and a reduction in recidivism, and a bill passed last year no longer requires ex-felons to demonstrate they had regained their civil rights to apply for various occupational and professional licenses and other jobs that require state certification.
Regaining his sobriety is what is most important," Burg added.
Regaining the plant's balance means that the mix of products moving through the plant narrows as outliers are removed; this in turn enables workers to better understand the remaining parts, work more efficiently on them, eliminate mistakes and otherwise enhance productivity.
The experience of regaining equilibrium while in the deep curve allows the student to find the depth of the movement.
The aggregate pension deficit for the 100 plans decreased by $43 billion, regaining 12 percent of the $371 billion in surplus assets lost over the previous three years.
The financial markets have reopened and are regaining stability, pointing out the tremendous need for downtown services, both retail and general.
Questions of politics dominate Spokesperson Milton, even as the editors of the collection delegate the treatment of political views to one section; Thomas Corns' Regaining Paradise Lost ends with a chapter that "consolidates the political readings which pervade earlier chapters" (126); and Sharon Achinstein hopes "to enter the debate among historians about whether what happened in England in the mid-seventeenth century had an ideological component" (4).
* Some recent studies suggest that repeated bouts of dieting and then regaining weight--called weight cycling, or yo-yo dieting--may increase the risk of heart disease and other health problems.
At the hearing, the company will present its plan for regaining compliance with the Rule, and request continued listing pending its return to compliance.