regard upon

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Monseigneur, I have your happiness spread out before me in my thoughts; listen to my words; precious they indeed are, in their import and their sense, for you who look with such tender regard upon the bright heavens, the verdant meadows, the pure air.
According to the administration, several complaints were received on the 'Pakistan Citizen Portal' in this regard upon which they took action.
The study is based on the analysis of recorded audio-visual excerpts with people with Alzheimer's disease; the regard upon a context of interaction modified by pathology ends up allowing a rethinking of categories and processes related to language.
The resolution calls in this regard upon the parties concerned to cooperate fully with the preliminary examination of the International Criminal Court and with any subsequent investigation that may be opened.
Although the Court of Appeals noted that it is a good idea for the insured to read its insurance policy, it opined that the insured could rely in this regard upon the expertise of the insurance agent or broker:
In his speech, the Director General of Audit of Ministries and Service Units pressed the significance of organizing such porgammes and their roles in boosting the experiences and gaining the necessary skills required by the employees in audit and accounts apparatuses and diwans in the AGCC states, as well as, the effective contribution of such programmes in promoting human resources, pressing the importance of this porgramme as one of the bases and standards issued by the accredited international organizations and institutions in this regard upon which the auditor depends in performing his audit mission.