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Awarding honorary doctorate degree to Pakistani President is worth a great tribute however regardful to the efforts made to promote cooperation in the fields of culture, education, research and technology some agreements should have also been developed among the universities and institutes of both the countries which may create exchange opportunities; students, artists, researchers and scientists may go to Azerbaijan to learn and to perform on the basis of scholarships and funded programs.
Very important are applications in medical industry for regardful moving of immobile patients.
This case shows that woven coronary artery anomaly can be misdiagnosed by various clinicians so all clinicians performing angiography have to be very regardful in interpreting angiograms especially for malformation and anomalies.
His complexion seems to have been naturally too fine for a man: But as if he were above being regardful of it, his face is overspread with a manly sunniness [I want a word] that shews he has been in warmer climates than England.
In the following edited transcript of an April "Women of Tennessee" symposium--the kick-off event of the Kennedy Center's four-month-long festival Tennessee Williams Explored in Washington, D.C.--Zoe Caldwell, Rosemary Harris, Estelle Parsons and Eva Marie Saint spoke from a place of regardful intimacy, trenchant humor and tender memory.
Not considering in how different a circle she had been just seeing him, nor how much might be owing to contrast, she was quite persuaded of his being astonishingly more gentle, and regardful of others, than formerly.
Anne Compton quotes from Bentley's essay (part 2) and goes on to make a comparison with "Tintern Abbey": "The boon of this attentiveness is 'an eye made quiet,' as Wordsworth describes a similar effect ('Tintern Abbey'), regardful, now that fret has passed, and capable of impressions." Anne Compton, "The Poet- Impressionist: Some Landscapes by Archibald Lampman," Canadian Poetry: Studies, Documents, Reviews, 34 (1994), p.
Certainly this is true of Dewey's definition of religion as "the active relation between the ideal and the actual," and Whitehead's, "what a man does with his solitariness"; or Westermark's more wordy rendering, "a regardful attitude towards a supernatural being, on whom man feels himself dependent and to whom he makes an appeal in his worship."(4) These and similar definitions suffer from the old Greek philosophical practice of hunting for essences among a welter of related particulars.
He helps us see how regardful attention to the past and the elongation of the time span of policy research can puncture myths and enrich contemporary analysis.
For immediate published reaction to Clarendon's History was sparse; it took the form of regardful mention and citation in sermons and pamphlets and in admiring remarks from noted scholars.
At those times, I expect, you see your social world as populated by persons who are conscious and regardful of themselves both as individuals and as what philosophers call "subjects." This means you then see yourself and others as individuals severally possessed of minds and lives of their own and severally possessed, furthermore, of worthwhile (not to say supremely worthwhile) capacities for taking some substantial degree of charge of their own minds and lives, making and pursuing their own judgments about what to do, what to strive for, what is good, and what is right.
The first number announced that the newspaper would be free of "immoral advertisements" and be "regardful of the Sabbath."