regardless of

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Some of the "losers" have embarked on successful careers due to this exposure and their willingness to give it their all regardless of the situation.
The newspaper reported that before going through the hour-long baptismal service, the soldiers must agree to listen to a 90-minute sermon by Llano, who calls himself a "Southern Baptist evangelist." Llano admitted that some of the soldiers in the hot Iraqi desert might just want the opportunity to take a bath but added, "Regardless of their motives, I get the chance to take them closer to the Lord."
Nodularity in all samples, regardless of plate thickness, type of pre-inoculant used or amount of MgFeSi added, was more than 95%.
This decline occurs regardless of whether deficits affect interest rates.
These are complex relationships to be sure, regardless of whether they involve our exposure to a weather change or infectious agent ("bug") or reflect our succumbing to the pressures of work, relationship, or other life stress.
That's why I write whatever is in my heart and mind at the time, so that I'll at least have enjoyed writing it regardless of what others think.
117, Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Organizations, require that information about expenses be reported by functional classification and that fund-raising activities include soliciting contributions of services from individuals, regardless of whether those services meet the recognition criteria for contributions in Statement No.
"Regardless of location, students will receive a world-class EMBA education, utilizing state-of-the-art stable learning technologies, while still developing close relationships with faculty and classmates," says MEMBA Director Nancy Ortman, of Emory University.
It should be noted that Koch also draws upon insights from a variety of lesser lights in the worlds of science and business as he puts forth some solid thinking that is helpful regardless of what you do to make a living.
"Vardenafil improved erectile function in these men, regardless of their age, cause, or severity of their problem.
"Keeping and growing profitable customers is a key part of the marketing professional's role, regardless of the medium," said Laura Patterson, president of VisionEdge Marketing (
What is important here, though, is that, as with all of Carb's writings regardless of the subject matter or the density of the prose, readers sense that they are involved in a pleasant intellectual conversa tion rather than a strident polemic.