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REGENCY. The authority of the person in monarchical countries invested with the right of governing the state in the name of the monarch, during his minority, absence, sickness or other inability.

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Hyatt Regency Suzhou offers 355 spacious guestrooms and suites and a Regency Club executive floor.
Today, the new Hyatt Regency Tianjin East brings the return of Hyatt Regency s signature authentic hospitality and welcomes its long-awaited guests.
Regency is also increasing the diameter of the previously announced 20-inch, 17-mile Logansport Expansion pipeline to 24 inches.
Most of the Regency line will be focused on home office and home entertainment furniture, says Gerard Kamp, president of Indian Country, which is based in Deposit, N.
For more information, visit the Regency Energy Partners LP Web site at www.
Our goal is to get to know each and every resident on a personal level," explains Joe Siggins, CEO of MemorialCare Home Health "This personal touch allows our team to better serve residents of The Regency, allowing us to understand a wider spectrum of elements that make up a resident's overall health -- from diet, to vision, balance issues, and even chronic pain.
port can also file claims against the $15 million federal nonperformance guaranty that Regency was required to post, Van Brakle said.
Kelley has agreed to assist Regency on a consulting basis for a period of three years.
A spokesperson from Hyatt Regency Princeton commented on the recognition: "This is quite an honor for us.
As Window Nation did not perform any of Regency Windows' installations or profit from any of those jobs, Window Nation itself isn't able to offer warranty service on Regency purchases.
Luciana Egurrola, Walter Sequeira Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, Ste 960
In 2003, Bryant co-founded Regency Gas Services, LLC, the predecessor to Regency, and served as president of Regency Gas Services, LLC, until December 2004.