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The foundation of PWA's technology offering is a regenerable absorption and adsorption media used for the management of oil and gas waste water streams.
The manufacturer also owns green certificates (a system that promotes the production of energy from regenerable sources), that are added to the incomes earned by selling the electric energy.
In the future the greatest attention should be paid to the resins from regenerable raw materials such as lignin and tannin, which have not given products of satisfactory quality up to now [2].
CrystaSulf Downhole Sulfur Removal (CrystaSulf DSR): A regenerable process for the continuous removal and recovery of sulfur depositions in sour gas well bores.
21) Distant, perhaps, but not disinterested; God, Hooker maintains, does not renounce his privilege to interact, whether by humbling law or by free grace--or by both at once--with his regenerable creatures.
Reduction of commercial gap and of the current account on the basis of modernization of industry and agriculture, as well as of the development of energy production on the basis of regenerable resources.
2]-based reoxidation of ferrous into ferric iron would perpetuate the pollutant conversion while requiring little amounts of cheap, easily regenerable, and recyclable oxidant.
Low-temperature flue gas desulfurization by alumina-CaO regenerable sorbents // Fuel.
Also disclosed are methods for recovering transgenic plants after transformation within a short period of time, if the explants are regenerable at the time of transformation.