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But salamanders are the only four-legged animals that can fully regenerate entire limb bones, nerves and muscles throughout their lifetimes.
They are the most closely related animals to humans "that can regenerate entire appendages.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A team of researchers developed plastic materials that not only heal, but they also regenerate.
A molecular mechanism needed to unleash the heart's ability to regenerate has been pinpointed.
Rongxiang Xu and MEBO INTERNATIONAL, the company established for his proprietary technologies, announced today his accomplished proprietary technologies to regenerate damaged organs in order to help the government and non-government power quickly benefit mankind with his new scientific system.
The researchers will next seek to regenerate hair follicles using only human cells, according to the report.
The intention is to take pressure off Heathrow and regenerate the economy of the South East.
I feel myself like I rebirth, regenerate," Pinar noted.
The cotton is produced from the post-industrial waste from the manufacturing of T-shirts, and the recovery process to regenerate the cotton is energy and water-friendly.
A NEW pounds 13m programme to help community groups regenerate their areas was officially launched by the Big Lottery Fund and the Welsh Assembly Government yesterday.
Bones will regenerate if there are cracks or breaks, but holes in the skull don't regenerate as well.
CLLR Dunning's attempt to regenerate credibility for the Coatham leisure scheme (Project Will Regenerate Redcar, 10.