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By determining the fundamental mechanisms that control the heart's natural regenerative on-off switch, researchers have begun to better understand the number one hurdle in cardiovascular research - the inability of the heart to regenerate following injury.
But the "death of personality" sentence regenerates time only for the condemned.
Though it can heal wounds instantly and prolong life indefinitely, the life it gives to its votaries is not regenerate eternity, but protracted sequential existence.
1992; Smith, 1992, 1995; Juanes and Smith, 1995), the handicap is considered temporary because, in most cases, individuals are able to regenerate the missing structure.
The product builds on the same technological platform as Biora's principal product, Emdogain, which is used to regenerate new tooth supporting structure for patients suffering from periodontitis.
Washington, April 24(ANI): Regeneration of old or damaged human organs and tissues may soon be a reality, as scientists have discovered the gene that enables an extraordinary worm to regenerate its own body parts after amputation.
She speculates that mammals may have paid a heavy price -- the power to regenerate -- when their deluxe immune systems developed.
Autotransplantation of a single claw digit into eye sockets resulted in a low percentage of regenerates in the eye socket, and all the regenerates were tapered or distally incomplete.
With a technique called subtractive hybridization, the researchers collected fragments of genes turned on in blastemas when a planarian regenerates its tail, its head, or both and compared them to genes normally active in the head and tail.
o An Application Regenerator, which completely regenerates all of
After a period of proliferation, the callus is moved into other culture media that encourage the cells to differentiate so that the callus regenerates into full plants.