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However, the major limitation is that the state of desiccant at the inlet to the regenerator keeps changing with time, which is the scenario in a real application.
Numerical analysis of an active magnetic regenerator, International Journal of Refrigeration 34: 1797-1804.
r] Temperature of regenerator T Temperature ratio [V.
1 shows, air forced by the blower fan is rapidly heated to a high temperature when flowing through the honeycomb regenerator at one side.
An interchange heat exchanger (IHX) can be used to preheat the weak desiccant that flows to the regenerator using the hot, concentrated desiccant that leaves the regenerator.
Solar Turbines designed and tested drum-type regenerators for a 600-hp military tank with various cores, including stainless corrugated foil, stainless layered screening, and metallic and nonmetallic seals, including a unique nonrubbing roller seal.
Treatments can be taken separately, but most opt to have them together, starting with the Skin Regenerator.
A common problem with many rich amine inlet liquid distributors to the regenerator is they are not designed for flashing or a two-phase feed.
I wanted to look at how nature creates with opposing forces, becoming the ultimate regenerator through cycles of death and re-birth.
Among the topics are optical network optimization, monitoring devices for providing network intelligence in optical packet switched networks, energy efficient optical transport networks with mixed regenerator placement, topological design genetic algorithms, wavelength and routing assignment in all-optical networks using ant colony optimization, and Hopfield neural networks for routing in communication networks.
2-rich amine solution is pumped to the top of the regenerator tower.
Among these are piston speed, cylinder dimensions, regenerator dimensions, materials, gas proprieties, and the range of operating conditions.