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Among these are piston speed w, cylinder dimensions (diameter Dc and stroke S), regenerator dimensions (diameter DR and length L), material internal to the regenerator properties (density [[rho].
The Human Regenerator presentation was one of 12 topics discussed at the Middle East Spa Summit that took place over 3 days at The Hotel Show 2009.
The parameters required to design a packed desiccant regenerator for given inlet air conditions can be classified as: controlled parameters; input parameters and output parameters.
The experiment apparatus contains molten steel container, cover, honeycomb heat regenerator, switching valve, blower fan, exhaust fan and temperature detecting system.
An interchange heat exchanger (IHX) can be used to preheat the weak desiccant that flows to the regenerator using the hot, concentrated desiccant that leaves the regenerator.
I want people to see an extraordinary proposal not just for the site but for lower Manhattan And I want it to be used as both an economic and social regenerator.
Henkels & McCoy's role in the multifaceted project includes site engineering, permitting, building erection and interior fit-out of a number of regenerator site buildings between Chicago and Manassas, VA.
The Caci Skin Regenerator and Non-Surgical Facelift is a double blast for tired faces.
The solution is cycled through a regenerator, removing the moisture and stabilizing density and temperature.
Kathabar's Kathapac 2500FV conditioner dehumidifies plant air and a 6FP regenerator unit regenerates the desiccant in a separate stream to prevent cross contamination.
Corrosion Issues; General factors, Mechanisms, Rich amine, Lean amine, Acid gas attack, Heat stable salts, Make-up water quality, Erosion corrosion, Proprietary chemical additions, Corrosion in regenerator overheads, Hydrogen-related cracking in Wet H2S systems, Alkaline stress corrosion cracking.
EPL, in a consortium with GR Engineering of Mumbai has been awarded the contract for the Engineering, Procurement & Construction of the Reactor Regenerator package of 2.