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Realizarea in material definitiv a monumentului Regenesis (Murim spre a ne naste).
ReGenesis, the Department of Health and Environmental Control, and the Environmental Protection Agency worked in collaboration to have the landfill designated as a Superfund site, which resulted in the funding necessary to close and cap the landfill.
George Church of Harvard Medical School encodes an HTML version of his book Regenesis in DNA, and then converts it back into digital form.
Prior to joining Regenesis, Scott was president of sales, marketing and customer service at Charlotte-based BSN Medical.
Janet Alty, chairman of Regenesis, said the coop was only part of a three-stage project to deal with the pigeons.
TRIBUTE: Regenesis is claimed to be the leading tribute band of the Peter Gabriel era and now touring to mark the 35th anniversary of The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.
Perhaps the least expected aspect of the festival music mix is Regenesis recreating Genesis's live tour of their mid-70s concept album The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.
Founder, Inventor and Chief Scientific Officer, Regenesis Biomedical.
It has announced the first content provider for the MP3-GO system, Regenesis, and hopes to have the Soulmate MP3 player in the shops by Christmas.
EPA and the White House hosted the first of the Clean Energy Savings for All Summit in Spartanburg to highlight the successful partnership created by the ReGenesis Project, a nonprofit organization that has partnered with Duke Energy, Solvay, the City of Spartanburg, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control and others to develop a solar farm on the Arkwright Dump site.
His primary non-fiction source of inspiration was Regenesis by Dr.