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"ReGenesis, groSolar, and Duke Energy were very pleased to have had our proposed project awarded a 'Call to Action' at the recent Clinton Global Initiative," says Maribeth Sawchuk, director of marketing and communication for groSolar based in White River Junction, Vt.
The researchers converted the book Regenesis, which included illustrations, into a 5.27-megabit file that they translated into DNA, stored on a chip, and then converted back into the digital book.
However, he cites overseeing the regenesis of Tom Jones' career, on the legend's most recent albums Praise & Blame and Spirit In The Room, as one of his most fulfilling and thrilling times.
Regenesis; how synthetic biology will reinvent nature and ourselves.
Although George Church's next book 'Regenesis: How Synthetic Biology Will Reinvent Nature and Ourselves' will not hit the shelves until Oct.
The WMRU is also working closely with a Cooperative Research and Development (CRADA) partner, the Regenesis Management Group, on the Sustainable Water and Innovative Irrigation Management system.
we led the story The BBC's man went England to try to the issue about a pounds 250,000 payment from Rangers to "Regenesis Ltd - deposit for Banstead Athletic" but again the Record had been there first.
17 January 2012 - US-based medical technology group Regenesis Biomedical Inc said on Monday that it has appointed Scott Brooks to the newly created position of chief operating officer.
Regenesis Management Group, LLC, in Denver, Colorado, has signed a cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA) with both research units to create monitoring instruments and software for a web-based application being designed by the company and known as "SWIIM," for Sustainable Water and Innovative Irrigation Management.
Shows repped: "ReGenesis," "Celine," "Iggy Arbuckle," "House & Home"
Canada came out on top, with "Zimmer Twins" and "ReGenesis Extended Reality Game" tying for the Interactive Program category.
More than 100 people signed a petition against the idea after plans were put forward by Old Town regeneration group Regenesis.