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REGENT. 1. A ruler, a governor. The term is usually applied to one who governs a regency, or rules in the place of another.
     2. In the canon law, it signifies a master or professor of a college. Dict. du Dr. Call. h.t. 3. It sometimes means simply a ruler, director, or superintendent; as, in New York, where the board who have the superintendence of all the colleges, academies and schools, are called the regents of the University of the state of New York.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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As a member of the last affirmative action class (those admitted in 1996, who graduated in May, 1999), Guerrero charts the Boalt students' anger and the complex, frustrating events of this period of time, including confrontations and protests by students, the faculty and administration handwringing, and at the forefront, the machinations of the UC Regents, led by Ward Connerly, the African American conservative regent who led the charge against affirmative action at the regental level and statewide in the ballot initiative.
5,543,579 55,435,790 59.11 Mataram city administration 211,713 2,117,130 2.26 West Lombok regental adm.
The houses are to be built in all of provinces based on the targets of each of the provinces set by the associations of developers and regional administrations and district administrations including regental and city administrations.
Frictions between the center and regional administrations Date Description February 4 General chairman of the association of all Indonesia regental administrations (Apkasi) Syaukani H.R.

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