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At the time he was extra regimentally employed with the 2nd Battalion of the National Guard, a Volunteer unit.
Ballroom dancing, with its regimentally choreographed routines, may seem a world away from the uninhibited spontaneity of krumping.
S's memories were not nonlinear but "as regimentally ordered as a card catalog," each memory sensation (a picture, a hue, a sound, flavor, or odor) assigned a precise location in his mental world.
Whether establishing regimentally bound gardens or giving leave to grow amok, the rewards of herb plants, she said, are bountiful.
Men in bowler hats and tweed jackets, ladies in jodhpurs and riding boots and teenagers dressed almost regimentally in Abercrombie shirts and plimsole trainers.
IS THERE any surprise Swansea look so much more mean in defence when their skipper is marshalling things so regimentally? Back to fitness, straight back in form.