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Adekunle Shodunke, the Chief of Army Standards and Evaluation (CASE), said that the weeklong seminar was to discuss the point of convergence between the regimentation in the Army, 'our floras and faunas as well as forests and national security''.
Migrant Communication Enterprises: Regimentation and Resistance
Some ex-servicemen and women who have put life and limb on the line can have problems readjusting to civvy street, away from the regimentation of the military.
It came with a loss of spontaneity, at a cost to creative freedom, with the risk of regimentation. But I always felt that coherence was worth it.
The syndicate also demanded the cancellation of the "regimentation system".
According to Bess, students used the Journal "to document their traditional foodways in order to challenge the regimentation of their bodies"
Class oppression and religious mystification were as unacceptable as state regimentation and social conformity for Goldman, who equally demanded individual self-expression and structural change.
He uses words like "regimentation" and "oversight"--not welcome words to those who defend the "art of medicine." He predicts consumers will gravitate to this standardized, coordinated approach and that patients won't look for the best specialist anymore, they'll look for the best system of clinical care.
The author notes that anti-militarism during this era was defined by the general public's preference for citizen-soldiers, civilian control of the military, volunteers rather than conscription, and individualism over regimentation. The study integrates background on conservative and liberal opinions as found in magazines and newspapers of the period, and data from polls and surveys showing the public's opinions on the military, the draft, military conflicts, and other areas of American military policy.
Citizens are driven by an ever-present conflict between standing out and fitting in, between ambition and regimentation." He lists three brand qualities that attract Chinese consumers: products for public display, providing external rather than internal benefits that contribute to a controlled destiny, while balancing keen ambition with social conformity.
As for the European agro-industrial sector, it is strongly opposed to this regimentation of the European biofuel industry - worth an estimated 13 billion - and considers the ILUC to be too recent a technique to provide a basis for a political decision.
They saw as the great social evil the regimentation of the poor by the avaricious employers who were controlled and often capriciously ruined by the manipulations of international financiers.