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Officials in both Maryland and California agreed that having a transitional program in place is an important aspect of boot camp and other types of regimentation programs.
Stearns's highly original analysis illuminates many sides of the intriguing paradox of the simultaneous indulgence and regimentation demanded by corporate domination of cultural life.
As Scott demonstrates in each case, it is most appropriate that the ideologues and bureaucrats who create and direct high modernist projects have frequently resorted to military imagery and techniques--strategies, regimentation, chains of command, discipline, drill, and uniforms--to inspire and intimidate the populations who are the objects of their ambitious designs.
Gone is the regimentation so common on lesser vessels - instead there are first and second sittings in three plush dining rooms, plus an eat-when-you-want arrangement at three speciality restaurants.
Many of the kids whose wild antics on the streets landed them in the juvenile justice system say they've grown accustomed to the regimentation and appreciate the emphasis on teamwork.
For Rayfield, the advent of Soviet communism was a disaster for Georgian literature, and he is uncompromising in his descriptions of the purges and regimentation of writers and the general stifling of creativity during most of the period.
Instead of Berlin's preferred regimentation and uniformity, which anaesthetises the senses, Libeskind introduces granular texture and functions which complement and service each other in a jigsaw (and therefore more cohesive) pattern.
da Mulinazzo alluvial affected by the event on 25 and 26/05/2001 through the accommodation and regimentation hydraulic consolidation slope.
The problem was not the slightly fascistic regimentation but an imbalance between production values and content.
While many might consider it implausible to couple sexual emancipation with political regimentation, this approach was used quite successfully by the architects of Sweden's all-encompassing socialist welfare state.
Whether turning themselves into human tin cans or hissing like furious pistons against the regimentation of factory life, the hoofers and pan-smackers of ``Noise/Funk'' have put a much-needed primordial backbeat into the iron-poor modern Broadway musical.