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They bring a diverse range of skills and experience from senior private and public sector roles and established networks within their regions and a commitment to working collaboratively to grow the regional economy and make their region a better place to visit, work and live.
The Second Part, "Global Schemes and Local Realities: Transnational Islam and the Palestinian Refugee Problem," also consists of three chapters titled "Official Islam, Transnational Islamic Network, and Regional Politics: The Case of Syria," "Religious Mobilizations in Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon: The Case of Ain al-Helweh," and "Resolving the Palestinian Refugee Problem: Edward A.
Regional stability has long been the Bureau's main long-term strategic goal.
Whereas in the past many regional players reveled in geopolitical schadenfreude over their neighbors' misfortunes--and often exploited them--today, with their national economies increasingly regionalized and globalized, few governments want to risk the economic dislocation and refugee flows that result from nearby conflict.
SGM Mack Byrd, North Atlantic Regional Dental Command (NARDC).
Northeast & the Islands Regional Technology in Education Consortium, www.
El Grupo Cisneros planea poner la marca Regional en las vallas del popular club beisbolero Leones de Caracas despues de comprar al equipo por US$11 millones.
In order to conduct a regional banquet, Lerud says there is a great time commitment.
Observing their peers is a big part of the experience--"You pick up things from other dancers and try them," says Utah Regional Ballet II dancer Amanda Bodily, 18, whose fellow company members nod when she admits that performing for other dancers can be stressful, too.
By regional governance, I do not mean creating a metropolitan government, but building a "network" of private, academic, and civic, as well as public and even multi-sector, decision-making mechanisms to address regional challenges.
Regional activities currently range from only conducting a conference to a multitude of projects, programs, and meetings.

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