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Moreover, many firms--particularly the larger multinationals--are deepening their regional bases and extending their global ties.
The Southwest Regional Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention Center has also been committed to consumer involvement since its inception by involving consumers in the organization of the center itself.
5 seed Cal State Northridge, noon, at Florida State Regional.
stands as a regional hegemon in the wake of the Cold War.
With Nasser as its principle narrator, pan-Arab nationalism quickly became a dominant theme in regional political dynamics, manifested in the rapid emergence of the Arab cooperative core.
Brown is also president of Regional Dance America, chairperson of the organization's summer Performance/Choreography Conference, and presiding officer of the Southwestern Region.
Prices have softened a little for regional shopping malls but nothing like office buildings," said Kevin Gray, senior vice president at Landauer.
35,775,000 Orange County Health Facilities Authority hospital revenue bonds (Orlando Regional Healthcare System) select auction variable-rate securities series 1999B (2)
Horton and Gillespie were part of a 2000 regional that (before this year surely) was considered the toughest of all time since the NCAAs was expanded to 64 participants in 1999.
The new Regional Directors will commence in their roles over summer, with all new starters in place by 27 January 2016.
They can advance if: They have enough pitching to get through the final day of the regional, something that has hurt the Waves after making it to regional finals the past two years.
As a general thesis, the assertion of "integrating the micro-and macro- perspectives, tracing the interaction of global and regional environments with individuals pursuing political goals" to dismiss the myth of "Middle Eastern exceptionalism" might face little or no objection from scholars acquainted with Middle Eastern history and politics, as well as with the Palestine question.

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