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On balance, we will need to continue to work regionally in this Hemisphere, engaging with the key producing and transit countries in the ACI.
Programs that were not listed as regionally accredited in the directories of the 6 regional accreditation associations in the United States were presumed to be not regionally accredited.
Unlike conventional fresh milk, which is sold regionally, Horizon is sold nationwide.
Audit Committee chairs received the most additional compensation, ranging regionally from a median of $15,000 to $22,000, followed by the chair of the Compensation Committee, which earned a median of $10,000 to $15,000 of additional compensation.
This Regional Office is a key part of Clenergy s strategic expansion in the ASEAN countries (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) and will enhance Clenergy s efforts to promote renewable energy regionally.
Lebanon ranked in 90th place globally and in 12th place regionally in the March 2011 survey.
Summary: DUBAI -- Dubai Customs' operational capacities and potential resources have boosted up the trade position of the UAE regionally and worldwide.
Factors affecting municipal recycling programs, such as the cost of landfill tipping fees and the availability of local end markets, also vary regionally or by state and have an effect on the recyclables collected.
Up to now, it has been open to regionally piloted projects, but this option was rarely taken up.
Whether a local gourmet in search of regionally authentic, or the family out on a day trim, or passing through vacationers and business travelers, Small-Town Restaurants In Virginia is a wonderfully recommended resource for itinerary planning purposes.
First, the FPG asked that DISAM consider offering a regionally focused one week security assistance overview course.

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