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He was of the view that once the particulars of an account-holder are available to Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) through NTN, it has the required powers under the Income Tax Ordinance as well as other prevailing laws to pursue the registered person to file tax returns.
She added that the registered person was not notifying Ofsted of changes relating to members of the governing body.
He stressed that instead of giving undue powers to its officers, FBR should adopt normal mechanism if it realizes that proper tax is not being paid by any registered person.
Since November 7, 2011 when FINRA revamped the Series 7 General Securities Representative Examination by de-emphasizing non-sales activities and by reducing the number of municipal securities questions, in the context of municipal securities passing the Series 7 only qualifies a registered person to be involved in the purchase and sale of municipal securities to customers, a qualification called the Municipal Securities Sales Limited Representative.
It is striking that more than one million potential years of life were lost for people registered with GPs last year in England - the equivalent to just over one week for every single registered person in the country.
The drug is sent directly to the home of the registered person by Federal Express.
The rationale for photographic identification was clear: to ensure that the person casting the ballot was the same registered person.
Any regulatory decision CQC takes is open to challenge by a registered person through a variety of internal and external appeal processes.
In terms of the Nursing Act of Namibia, one of the objectives of the council is to register or enroll persons to practice such professions, or remove the name of a registered person or an enrolled person from a register or roll and as such, section 26 of the Act provides the grounds on which such action may be taken by the Council and once a name of a registrant is removed from the register or roll such a person may no longer practice nursing and/or midwifery in Namibia.
The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) is expecting to recover billions of rupees, during 2011-12, by making use of reports generated through the computer system of the FBR member taxpayer's Audit in which inadmissible credit for each registered person has been detected.
Homeowners and landlords must take more care by checking they are using a registered person.
The registered person shall file application for refund claim along with data prepared through RCPS, providing the following information, name and registration number of the claimant; period of claim; amount of claim; and a statement along with annual audited accounts as envisaged in clause (i) of Sub-section (2) of Section 8B of the Act, if applicable:

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