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Online voting is, no doubt, easier and convenient, making it possible for any registered person to vote just through a few clicks.
To tax renting of immovable property by the government or local authority to a registered person under reverse charge while renting of immovable property by the government or local authority to an un-registered person shall continue under forward charge.
Concerns in the report: The registered person has failed to make proper provision for the care, treatment and supervision of service users; People who live in the home may not have their health and welfare needs met by management and staff who fail to identify and eliminate unnecessary risks where possible; Care plans and associated risk assessments do not contain sufficient detail.
Selina Thomas, owner and registered person in charge at Nightingales Pre School in Albert Crescent, Penarth, failed to safeguard and promote welfare of the children, the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales found.
Any registered person purchasing from him/her may not be able to get the input tax credit.
The FBR or the Chief Commissioner has been vested with the discretionary power to post Inland Revenue Officers at the premises of the registered person, monitor production, sales of goods and stock position etc.
In Pakistan, Section 10 of Sales Tax Act, 1990 implies that 'If the input tax paid by a registered person on taxable purchases exceeds the output tax on account of zero rated local supplies or export made during the tax period, the excess amount of input tax shall be refunded to the registered person not later than forty-five days of filing of refund claim.
Prizes are on offer for those who find the most hidden objects in the shortest time, while every registered person will receive a complimentary Hidden Pictures magazine as well as a concession voucher to shop at Kingdom Pride.
An authorised person or a registered person must execute client orders for a security before executing any order on the same security for his own account.
The EWC panel yesterday upheld all but two of the allegations against him and concluded that his actions had fallen short of the standard expected of a registered person.
She added that the registered person was not notifying Ofsted of changes relating to members of the governing body.

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