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The public official charged with the duty of making and maintaining public records.

Common examples are the registrars of voters and deeds.

See: accountant, clerk, comptroller, notary public


an official in charge of keeping a register.
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Afridi added that the registrar and the additional registrar are supposed to appointed by the high court administration on merit, by promoting a district and sessions judge and additional sessions judge, on merit.
The Registrar Muhammad Saleem Khan, Additional Registrar Zakaullah Khattak, the high court administrative committee through the registrar, the PHC chief justice through principal staff officer, provincial government through the law secretary and the Supreme Judicial Council are the respondents in the case.
He prayed the court that the appointment of the high court's registrar, Mohammad Saleem Khan (BPS-20), and additional registrar (administration) Zakaullah Khattak (BPS-19) through a notification on February 1, 2017, as void and without any lawful authority.
Tariq Asad advocate had filed in chamber appeal against registrar office objections.
General surgical registrars who undertook their training at UCT and who wrote the final FCS examination of the CMSA between 1992 and 2011 were included in the study.
This form has to be filed with the Registrar (following the format stipulated by the Registrar on the DIFC website) during the period of 1st January until 31st March in the year following incorporation.
The solution is meant for those New gTLD operators that wish to set-up a Registrar subsidiary to distribute their TLDs to resellers, end-customers or internal users, without depending exclusively on existing Registrars.
It is the job of the registrar to inform the coroner if there are any suspicious or unnatural circumstances surrounding a death, and to collect statistical information to send to the Office of the Register General, along with taking payments for copies of certificates and keeping records of these transactions.
Some say the new model will put smaller registrars in jeopardy, while others think it makes registrar payments more predictable.
The registrar had arrived at Warwick House, in Ratcliffe Road - a building which is shared between the local social services and the registrar - to find a padlocked door.
An NSI spokeswoman told the Journal that NSI will continue to be a player in the growth of the Internet and hopes to be a registrar for any new TLDs as well.

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