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Enrollment; the process of recording entries in an official book.

For example, the names of stockholders might be registered in the official books of a corporation. Similarly motor vehicles are ordinarily registered with the state motor vehicle department, and voters are registered so that they may participate in elections. In some jurisdictions, statutes establish systems by which land titles can be registered so that the ownership of real property can always be readily ascertained through a consultation of public records.


Registration of Land Titles.


noun booking, bookkeeping, certification, chronicling, enlistment, enrolling, filing, inscribing, installing, listing, matriculation, noting down, record keeping, recording, registry, signing up, tabulation
See also: canvass, census, engagement, entry, poll, record, reservation, subscription


a method of becoming a British Citizen by administrative grant.
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A number of states require voter registration programs of any size to register with the state; some mandate state-run training.
All Acceding Countries and existing Member States should be encouraged to relax the requirement for an EU-compliant VAT registration number to support zero-rating for a transitional period commencing 1 May 2004, and ending on 31 December 2004.
While the last registration deadline expired in April, 114 men across the country remained in custody a month later as a result of registering, according to the Department of Homeland Security.
The government classifies Special Registration as the domestic component of National Security Entry-Exit Registration System, which tracks noncitizens through airports and other entries into the United States.
To capitalize on the increase in punishment for failing to register as a sex offender and to use this mandatory registration as an effective crime prevention tool, the Los Angeles Police Department formed the Registration Enforcement and Compliance Team (REACT) in 1997 to monitor the over 8,000 registered sex offenders within its jurisdiction.
ISO 9000 registration certifies that a company applies modern quality management and that its quality-assurance practices meet the requirements of its customers.
CompuServe will integrate Electronic Registration with future releases of its CompuServe Navigator, Windows Version software and offer the application to its business partners as a way for them to command a higher registration response rate and establish more profitable, long- term relationships between manufacturers and customers.
The Registration Statement relating to these securities has been filed with the SEC but has not yet become effective.
What an interesting way to describe the result of a brief, DOJ-imposed 30-day registration window.
Even assuming that a case can be made for expanding section 6111's tax shelter registration provisions in respect of tax shelters involving confidentiality agreements, TEI objects to the proposal's buckshot approach in defining the scope of the registration requirement.
Currently, the Company does not have any commitments to sell shares under the registration statement.