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Beside the names of the students, the word 'Bengali' was seen written on the exam registration book and on the list announcing the assigned schools where the examinations are scheduled as well,' Aye Aye Lwin, a parent of one of the students, told DVB.
Sometimes they threaten the violator by confiscating his driving licence or his registration book.
The card would be only valid for five years, similar to the life duration of the registration book.
The procedure will begin from Lahore in March and no new registration book will be issued after the old registration books are finished.
LAHORE -- The Excise Taxation and Narcotics Control Department (ETNCD) is expected to launch automated registration cards (ARC) by April, replacing the passport size registration book.
The Basic Court--Skopje 2 rejected the request of the opponents of Bilal Kasami, to register in the registration book, the name for the new temporary leader of BESA, Nexhbedin Karimani.
He said project would be implemented from next month while registration book would be replaced with new vehicle registration card, latest security system, camera read number plates and universal number.
registration book and it would have over six security features, he added.
After medical examination, the detainees were delivered to the Lenin district police, where the police officers abusing their power did not register the given fact in the registration book and information about the suspects crimes.
The first category includes families that hold a family registration book issued in Dubai, and families in which the wife holds a family book issued in Dubai and the husband who was born to an Emirati mother or was granted a UAE citizenship under the citizenship decree.
According to Islamabad police, Khan was arrested in September last year for presenting a fake registration book of his vehicle during a snap checking.
The traffic directorate will adopt the zero tolerance policy against owners of vehicles with expired registration book since that puts people's lives and the public properties at risk, he added.