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Enrollment; the process of recording entries in an official book.

For example, the names of stockholders might be registered in the official books of a corporation. Similarly motor vehicles are ordinarily registered with the state motor vehicle department, and voters are registered so that they may participate in elections. In some jurisdictions, statutes establish systems by which land titles can be registered so that the ownership of real property can always be readily ascertained through a consultation of public records.


Registration of Land Titles.

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a method of becoming a British Citizen by administrative grant.
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But, last night, High Profile said registration marks should only be displayed within the law.
The offence of failing to fix a registration mark, for example motorists who alter spaces on their registration plates, also now results in a pounds 60 fixed penalty.
Aumn Alsgl, aged 23, of Edward Street, Nuneaton, driving with an incorrect licence, failing to produce a licence, using a vehicle without insurance, failing to produce a certificate of insurance, failing to produce a test certificate, using a vehicle with an incorrect registration mark, using a vehicle with a defective exhaust system, fined pounds 300.
DVLA vehicle policy group manager Lynette Rose said: "We missed the significance of this registration mark. We have decided to withdraw it."
ClirCode marks can be formulated into water-based or solvent-based materials such as inks, plastics, or adhesives, or applied directly to objects or materials, to perform a variety of registration mark and product inspection tasks.
Ferrari-driving Power, 35, was due to face trial for alleged fraudulent use of a registration mark and vehicle licence.
The Registron cameras are positioned over each of the six individually geared hologram stamping lines, where they capture the registration mark on the hologram and its stamped position relative to the substrate, to compare with a stored reference image to ensure that the positioning is accurate (see photo of the camera positions).
If they do (perhaps to try to uncover the registration mark), they commit a trespass to your goods.
The disks contained keeper's names and addresses, the registration mark of the vehicles, chassis numbers and the make and colour.
Security is in place to ensure only the offending driver can check out the website pictures, with both the vehicle registration mark and the unique number of the penalty notice needed to access them.
Mr Lloyd, of Mancetter, Atherstone, Warwickshire, and Mr Svenby discovered in 2001 that they were both using the same registration mark on their cars.