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Enrollment; the process of recording entries in an official book.

For example, the names of stockholders might be registered in the official books of a corporation. Similarly motor vehicles are ordinarily registered with the state motor vehicle department, and voters are registered so that they may participate in elections. In some jurisdictions, statutes establish systems by which land titles can be registered so that the ownership of real property can always be readily ascertained through a consultation of public records.


Registration of Land Titles.


noun booking, bookkeeping, certification, chronicling, enlistment, enrolling, filing, inscribing, installing, listing, matriculation, noting down, record keeping, recording, registry, signing up, tabulation
See also: canvass, census, engagement, entry, poll, record, reservation, subscription


a method of becoming a British Citizen by administrative grant.
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With two more clicks, the operator can add registration marks and a barcode.
The offences are particularly bizarre for a serving police officer as undercover police and soldiers may legitimately use fake registration marks in their work in Northern Ireland.
And the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) also says the registration mark could be withdrawn and vehicles with illegally-displayed number plates will fail the MoT test.
The Transport Department today (December 5) announced that the auction of traditional vehicle registration marks will be held on December 21 (Saturday), in Meeting Room S221, L2, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wan Chai.
It is an offence contrary to the Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations 2001 to drive a mechanically propelled vehicle on a public road on which the registration plate "contained reflex-reflecting material" or the registration plate had been "treated in such a way that the characters of the registration mark became retroflective characters" or "had been treated in such a way that the making of a true photographic image of the plate through the medium of a camera and film or other device would be prevented or impaired".
Software, $895/single user license This new version allows users to scan virtually any plain paper OMR form, without the need for registration marks or special inks.
Major features include load/save die specifications, bearer bars, registration marks, cut marks, running lines, shadows, color information automatically added, job information, label rotation before stepping begins, and distortion applied to all artwork and printer's marks.
The new registration marks will all be made up of seven characters.