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Enrollment; the process of recording entries in an official book.

For example, the names of stockholders might be registered in the official books of a corporation. Similarly motor vehicles are ordinarily registered with the state motor vehicle department, and voters are registered so that they may participate in elections. In some jurisdictions, statutes establish systems by which land titles can be registered so that the ownership of real property can always be readily ascertained through a consultation of public records.


Registration of Land Titles.


noun booking, bookkeeping, certification, chronicling, enlistment, enrolling, filing, inscribing, installing, listing, matriculation, noting down, record keeping, recording, registry, signing up, tabulation
See also: canvass, census, engagement, entry, poll, record, reservation, subscription


a method of becoming a British Citizen by administrative grant.
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The department earned aggregative amount of Rs 444,000 by auction of total 244 registration numbers.
She tried to note down the registration number, but it was covered with a plastic sheet.
According to police, anyone who misrepresented a vehicle registration number which was permanently withdrawn would not be refunded any of the money that has been paid for it or any other costs incurred.
Al Suwaidi called on investors who wish to purchase housing units to be cautious when dealing with commercial advertisements that promote property sale by checking the broker registration number and the office registration number issued by RERA.
Those who apply for new registration numbers under the fresh ordinance will be returned their deposited fee amounting to Rs25,000.
Pc Steve Gunney said: "On the final day of the school term, police were supplied with more than 20 registration numbers taken from motorists who have driven down Norris Close in contravention of the no entry sign.
When a person spots a driver they like the look of, they simply text the vehicle's registration number to a central computer service, which then forwards the message to the vehicle's owner.
Impatient drivers are now being warned their registration numbers will be noted, passed to police, and they will, where appropriate, be hauled before the courts.
ii) Temporarily relaxing the requirement for validation of registration numbers through the VAT Information Exchange Services (VIES) database.
Even with low registration numbers, Mexican activists like Sandoval who pushed for voting rights in the United States and have organized registration drives have shown considerable political muscle along the other side of the border.
Taxation Director General Hadi Purnomo said tax officers will distribute tax registration numbers to the people who should but not yet have it.

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